Feeed - A Decentrilized Fundraising

Feeed is an open source fundraising and trading platform with community upvotes to interact with decentralized applications that run like Ethereum contract.
Feeed is also a cryptocurrency, based on Ethereum technology.
Feeed is backed, its price will be supported by the growth of startups in which the Feeed community will invest.
Feeed is an investment platform for trade on startups market.
These startups will be chosen by the users of the Feeed client.
Open, it will be required to own Feeed token to upvote freely on our platform, to avoid abusive votes and click farms.
Investments in future startups will enable the development of new technologies and projects with high potential. All this thanks to the power of mining and the Feeed community.

Why ?

Navigate to the Contributing menu item above, join our Community Slack , or choose what interests you:

  • Developer
    Developers are the heart of software and to keep Feeed beating we need all the help we can get. If you're looking to code in the blockchain, this project is for you! We use React Native and there is even some Java/Objective-C too!
    Want to learn more about it? Contact Us Now!

  • Community Management
    Metcalfe's law states that the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system - without community Feeed is meaningless. We're looking to create a positive, fun environment to explore new ideas, experiment and grow the Feeed community. Building a community takes a lot of work, but the people you'll meet and long lasting relationships you'll form makes it all worthwhile.

  • Specification / Documentation
    John Dewey once said "Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself ". Developers & Designers need guidance and it all starts from documentation and specifications. Our software is only as good as its documentation. Do not look for mistakes they are everywhere! Help us correct them and better document Feeed!.

  • Blog Writing
    Content is King; keeping our "futur" blog up to date and informing the community of news helps keep everyone on the same page. We're looking for contributions via guest posts, interviews, progress reports, and are completely open to other ideas. Jump on our Slack and discuss with Guillaume how you can contribute.

  • Outreach / Marketing
    In this day and age attention is limited, we need all the help we can get to find people who are interested in Feeed, whether that be through paid user acquisition, public relations or community outreach.

  • Testers
    It's bug hunting season! Feeed is currently in PreAlpha and there are sure to be a bunch of education, request your fresh copy of Feeed and submit bug reports, or start browsing our Github Issues . Every bug you find brings Feeed closer to stable, usable software for everyone to enjoy!

  • Security
    Feeed is a visual interface to make permanent changes on the Blockchain, it handles crypto-tokens that have real value and allows 3rd party code execution. Security is paramount to its success. You are given permission to break Feeed as hard as you can, as long as you share your findings with the community!

  • Design & User Experience
    It's all about that sex appeal, we want cryptocurrencies to be easy and fun to use, ugly software doesn't help adoption. Show us how to make them better!

  • Translations
    Our goal is to make Feeed available to everyone. We currently support some languages, but if you see something weird in the translations or would like to help us add a new translation it with pleasure. Our website is currently only available in English, if you'd like to help us make this multi-lingual it's be greatly appreciated, please ask us about it on Slack .

  • Be Say
    Help us spread the word! Tell a friend right now , in fact tell everyone - yell from a mountain if you have to, every person counts!

Give Me All!

Every day, we are evolving our product, it is in production, do not hesitate to consult Github , Trello or come here to see where we are.

The Roadmap

Roadmap is public, you go to see that on Trello . But here everything is in progress ... even the roadmap!

Core Contributor